Why We Shoot

What Photography Is

A lot of people believe that photography is a simple hobby, and is as easy as pointing and shooting with some form of digital or film cameras. But there is so much more to it than that. It takes a good eye, and a stick-to-it attitude to maintain your spirit of photography. Many photographers like to stick to the old fashioned way of doing things, such as developing negatives; but a lot of photographers today use computers and software to help produce crisp and beautiful photographs.

Who Nacho Foto Is

A lot of photographers choose to shoot landscapes or take photos of their friends. However, we feel as though the local business don’t receive enough focus for all of the hard work they do. As a result, there isn’t evidence of these people who are incredibly photogenic and doing visually stimulating work. So we took it upon ourselves to go out and take photos of local businesses. In doing so, we got a bunch of photos that we want to share with the world. That is what this site is all about!